Slow Feeders

Animal Instincts Anti Skid Slow Feed Pet Bowl stops dogs eating fast! With the clever 4 feeding zone design your dog will not be able to gulp down their food and thus is not troubled with the many problems that can arise from this habit such as bloating, poor digestion and choking. If you slow down the feeding process this helps pets to retain more nutrition from their food. The heavy duty plastic bowl is dishwasher friendly, has an anti-skid rubber base and is resistant to bacteria. It doesn’t get much more practical than this. Keep your dog healthy and happy.

Diameter 25cm Large

Diameter 16cm Medium

Maze Bowl: Give treats to your dog in a fun and challenging way. Scatter the desired amount of treats across the maze it is up to your dog to find the best way to get them out; Paws nose tongue he can use it all. Your dog will love this game.

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