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Fox Poo is an award winning deep cleaning dog shampoo which effectively removes stubborn fox poo and other foul odours from your dog’s coat.

  • Deep cleaning and deodorising formulation
  • Infused with our ‘Signature’ scent for a fresh smelling coat
  • Built in conditioner for a healthy coat
  • Suitable for all breeds

Derma Dog is a mild dog shampoo enriched with vitamins and conditioners, specially formulated for dogs with sensitive skin.

  • Mild, easy rinse formulation
  • Built in conditioner for a healthy coat
  • Fragrance free and pH balanced

Puppy Love is a low foam formula, reducing bathing and rinsing time. The product is gentle on skin and coats and is pleasantly scented for lasting freshness.

  • Mild and pH balanced forumlation
  • Built in conditioners and pro-vitamin B5
  • Scented with Animology 'Puppy' fragrance for a fresh smelling coat
  • Suitable for puppies from 6 weeks old
  • 100% vegan puppy shampoo
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