Aquamat Drying Coat

A luxurious velvet feel drying coat using our revolutionary AQUAFIBRE ® – is really lightweight – so absorbent we need only one layer instead of multiple layers of towelling – so is great for use on the go. Do not confuse this outstandingly effective and practical drying coat with expensive towelling coats – we stopped using towelling years ago as Aquafibre® out-performs towelling in all respects.




Our Aquafibre® drying coat was originally designed for use with gun dogs so needed to be not only fast and efficient, but also light enough to be carried (as unlike towelling it can be used more than once without being washed and dried) and it must also warm a dog straight from the river. A lot of drying coats need 2 or even 3 layers making them very heavy for the dog and also meaning that they take a long time to dry and, of course, once wet towelling cannot be used again before being dried. Our AQUAFIBRE® coat is so absorbent that it requires only one layer. Using your dog’s own body heat to warm your dog AQUAFIBRE® is ideal for gun dogs or those fresh from the hydrotherapy pool.

The sides of the coat are long enough to tuck under your dog and the wide girth strap wraps right around your dog being secured with velcro style fastenings and so the dog’s undercarriage will be dried and not just his back. Your dog’s head will fit easily through the very wide neck opening which is then secured also with velcro style fastenings.

Machine wash at 40C. Always ensure when washing that the hook and loop fastenings (velcro style) are fastened together.
Air dry or hang over radiator. All our aquafibre products dry exceptionally quickly.

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