Aquamat Tube Towels

Your Tube Towel will clean your muddy dog, dry your wet dog and cool your hot dog the way it always has.

Your towel should not be stored in a case. It will last longer and require less care if you allow it to dry naturally in the open when unused for any length of time.

The most versatile travelling companion for you and your dog, this towel will work for you in so many situations.

When you are out and about with your dog, this towel can be kept wet in a bag (but do not store it wet ) making it ready to clean dirty legs and paws at car, caravan and motorhome door.

If squeezed out so just damp, it will dry a wet, soggy dog much more quickly than a conventional towel – in cold weather keeping your dog warm and comfortable. Groomers and Pool operators love this towel for its speed ,which cuts down drying times remarkably.

On those hot days a wet Towel has a cooling effect and the towel will cool your dog without wetting his coat. Made of the same material as our Chiller Coat it works in just the same way.

You may keep the towel damp when use, but if you are going to leave it unused for more than a day or two, then rinse it or wash it and allow it to dry out naturally. It will dry hard but re-vitalize it (without bending or folding or pulling apart when it sticks together) by soaking your Towel in a bowl of water. Massage it in the water to soften it and to allow all areas to separate. No to be stored in tube for any length of time.

Machine washable on a cool wash. Use whatever detergent you use at present, but do not add fabric softener. Do not use bleaches or sterilising agents. Wash separately and always wash and store different coloured towels separately.

One Size – 66cm x 43cm

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