Ellery Bow Drying Mitt

Perfect for soggy days, bath time and the beach!

Developing our microfibre mitt was the starting point for Ellery Bow. We wanted to combine great-quality microfibre with a design that would work for drying off dogs. After much testing, we know that it does a great job! It's brilliant at drying your dog after bath time, a swim in the sea or muddy walks. By positioning your hands into the oven glove-style pockets, you can reach underneath and in difficult-to-reach places, and get a better hold on those dogs less keen to keep still (yup - we've all been there...). The mitt is made from super-absorbent microfibre and dries quickly. Oh, and it also picks up loose hair and dander.

It comes with a handy carry bag so that when you're out and about, you can roll up the mitt after use and get it home easily.

Size: 27cm x 90cm | one size suits all

Colour: grey with yellow/lime trim

Care: machine washable at 30°C


"I bought a doggie towel from you guys a few weeks ago. Best money I have ever spent. Bailey my puppy has had some proper soggy walks and the towel is great to dry her off, and it then dries so quickly for the next time round. The design is great...I am more playing and cuddling whilst drying her!"

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