Ezy Quick Fit Harness

The Quick Fit Dog Harness is as simple to fit as a collar, is lightweight and provides ultimate comfort and control.

Soft neoprene is placed against your dog's chest and the EzyDog soft touch webbing is used in all other contact areas. It has been meticulously constructed to minimise any pinching or chafing, meaning your furry friend will actually look forward to putting it on!

There is an ID tag holder on the harness, so a collar is not necessarily required.

Medium: 10-19kg, Neck 41-69cm, Girth 46-55cm

Large: 19-35kg, Neck 45-79 cm, Girth 67-84 cm

XLarge: +35kg, Neck 52-90 cm, Girth 56-97 cm

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