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GorPets Nordic Double Sided Blanket

This range offers warmth and comfort during those cold winter months; comprised of our Snuggle Bed, Elan Cat Bed, Crate Mats, Oval Cushion and Crinkle Cat bag there is something for any dog or cat to snuggle down into.

Medium size approx: 100x75cm

Large size approx: 150x100cm

The Gor Pets Camden Blanket is designed and manufactured to the highest of stands, providing your dog and home with a soft and cosy blanket suitable for pets and humans of all sizes.

Made with premium quality fabrics to ensure warmth, comfort and luxury, the Gor Pets Camden Blanket features an irresistible blend of grey shades infused with modern colour, offering a contemporary look suitable for any modern home. Perfect for using as a throw to protect furniture or bedding, or as a cosy blanket bedding for your dog to snuggle up to, it’s extremely versatile, as well as being double sided to enhance that cosy, warm feeling.

Available in two sizes, the Gor Pets Camden Blanket is designed to last, offering a practical, cosy, comforting and hardwearing design that offers ultimate comfort as well as style. It’s larger size makes it ideal for a range of surfaces, great for adding to your dog’s bed for additional comfort, using in cars to protect furnishing, or using around the home or for human use (if the dog allows!) to keep you warm and snug during colder months.

Key Features:

  • Made with premium quality fabrics, built to last
  • Offers a contemporary feel, combining cool grey shades and modern colour infusion
  • A versatile blanket, ideal for use around the home, as pet bedding or whilst travelling
  • Luxuriously soft, warm and snug
  • Ideal for pets of all sizes

Available in two sizes:

  • Medium 100cm x 75cm
  • Large 150cm x 100cm
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