Mutts & Hounds Toys

Simply Beautiful Toys from the Iconic Mutts and Hounds:

Large 3" Rope Toy - a simple and stylish rope ball is perfect for a bit of fetch and throw with your dog or puppy.

Made from tough rope in a neutral colour, these balls are also perfect for a good gnawing which in turn is good for helping keep your dogs teeth clean.

Fluffy Shelby Sheep really is a big softie!

This chic ball shaped sheep toy is made with lots of textures for your dog to enjoy.

Shelby has a plump, soft fluffy body, and crochet and tweed face and legs. His tummy if filled with a noisy squeaker and his legs make a crinkly crackly sound to amuse your dog!

Sleepy Ollie Owl is your dogs new companion for sleep or play!

Ollie Owl likes nothing more then to be carried around by your dog for lots of fun and play, then tuck your dog and their new best friend up together in bed for some rest.

Ollie has a soft cord body, and tweed wings, feet and tail. His tummy if filled with a noisy squeaker and his wings and tail make a lovely crinkly noise when scrunched!

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